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Wondering what type of glasses people are using.  I've been having trouble getting mud in my eyes at the last 2 races.  I wear contacts so when I get some mud in my eye it can be a real issue. 

Looking for what people have had good luck with.


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Julbo Race with the Zebra photochromic lens.  They adjust to light conditions quickly (light enough for night riding, dark enough for skiing), stick to your head like glue and the anti fog coating actually works. 


Some of the best sunglasses that I've ever owned.


I use Rudy Rydon's with clear photochromic lenses.  If I wasn't running those I would opt for my normal eye glasses over no glasses w/contacts.

I've been really happy with the Smith Pivilock V70. They offer a lot of coverage but don't sit close to the face so they're reasonably fog resistant. They are very light so you really don't notice them.

I'm cheap and break or scratch them up so often. Bought some $34 ones at Performance bike recently with interchangeable lenses and they work great. If you go b/w 12-2pm on Tuesdays everything's on sale.

I also wear contacts and understand the importance of avoiding dirt in the eyes to the extent possible!

Oakley Straight Jackets with orange lenses ground to my perscipition by Heavy it's a great alternative to dealing with contacts while training and racing. I use them for mtn, cx and rd on overcast days. I couldn't imagine riding with out them.
Pint glasses work well, pre-race (preferable) or post race.

Now you're talking!!

Beer goggles always make my posted finishes look way better :)
Seriously though, I don't wear contacts or glasses but believe in eye safety- for races I just use cheap $5 industrial safety glasses, clear or yellow from Home Depot, when they get filthy toss them in the pit for replacement.  I save the good glasses for the road, or posing at the coffee shop.  A cap with a brim can really help with flying muck or rain too.


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