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I have noticed that many pros and others don't use gloves in cross unless its really REALLY cold. Personally I rarely if ever do a ride of any type without mine.
Do you use gloves?
If not, why?
I am not sure why many don't. Its not like its too hot.
Please help me understand

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I always wear gloves. Full finger at that.
if you don't like wearing gloves but realize the need for "some" protection from either elements or grass burn, the Specialized Monkey wrench mechanic gloves are great...
Good question. In training and warm up I never wear them if it's over 55 for both road & cross. On the mountain bike I'll usually warm up without them then throw them on before it gets technical. I rarely fall in training, but for racing I prefer the extra protection and peace of mind from having a little bit extra protection. I use the 661 Raji and it's the closest I've come to feeling like not wearing gloves.
Yes, absolutely. I used to wear my road gloves,until I accidentally got my fingers into bladed spokes of a rotating wheel on a run-up. Now it is full finger, full time, even though I ride in NorCal where most CX races are warm and sunny.

I recommend a simple pair of six6one w/o padding - only $20. They fit very well and don't take anything away from handling ability or "feel" for the course.

Taken from another perspective, have you ever seen a Formula 1 driver without gloves?
I never thought about it much until this thread, but I always wear them. I have long skinny hands that get cold easily, so that's probably the biggest reason, but I crashed and got some road rash on Sunday from a CX race and cleaning it with scuzzed up fingers and hands would be much worse than it already is.
Unpadded, full-finger all the time on the 'cross bike. I couldn't care less on the road. But in the dirt I'm always falling, grabbing stuff and getting mutilated. I crashed this weekend and cut my hand through my glove. Glad I had them on.
If it's warm, no gloves, if it's cold, then gloves

sounds like I could make that into a Haiku



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