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I guess this should be filed under the Noob category since it's a rather obtuse question (no offense to noobs), but has anyone tried gluing CX tubies to metal clincher rims? 

Last week I switched my carbon tubies from road to CX and for shits and giggles stuck the newly removed TUFO road tire onto an old Easton SLX rear wheel and the fit looks rather spot on.  

I was thinking - using the Belgium method with possibly two strips of tape to build up the rim surface and some nice glue layers would render a potentially solid connection between rim and tire.  Also, using a tubeless tire such as Clement's PDX, LAS, etc would eliminate potential pinched flats.

So am I just sniffing glue (well I guess I am really sniffing glue, but that's not the point)?


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Never would have even thought to try this, and wouldn't want to ride on this setup since you want the best gluing surface to handle the sideway force put on the tubulars and even if two layers of fill in the gap enough do you really want to be trusting it when you rail into a corner hard with ~28 psi (or be next to that guy that has his tire roll off)? 

Secondly my understanding was that tubulars eliminate pinch flats by gluing to a flattish surface vs. the edge of the clincher providing the sharp edge when you bottom there is less chance of a pinch flat so even if it held you would have the pinch flat edge with the hassle of gluing.


Please please don't do this. You're not going to get a good gluing surface. I suspect it the tire will interfere with the brake surface as well. What do you even gain out of this?

Yep, just as I thought - sniffing too much glue :).  

It seemed quite an impossibility, but as they say - "Necessity is the mother of invention".

I just really hate running tubes and, as Chris M has astutely eluded to in a previous posting, tubeless in CX is still in the development stages and hit or miss as far as rim/tire combinations.  Actually, I'm currently running set of clinchers wheels, a set of tubeless wheels and a set of tubular wheels between two CX bikes (for both road and CX purposes) and have flats with only the tubed wheel set.  Also, idea of buying a set of tubeless ready tires only to discover that my rims really don't allow the bead to set properly or, what I really can't stand, the bead sets, but allows burping below say 30 PSI (negating one of the best reasons to run tubeless - low pressure) -  is disheartening.  

I guess I was looking for a magic bullet similar to the old TUFO clincher/tubular CX tires that are no longer in production (and I'm sure had their own set of problems) or for someone to say "Sure, with enough rim tape and glue you can transform some of those languishing clincher wheel sets into a Frakentubie that will never flat and stick to the trail like a hobo on a ham sandwich."    

Oh well, back to sniffing glue.......      

Please dont use tape. sometimes the old methods are still used for a reason. NO TAPE. also, the Tufo Clincher tubulars are absolute garbage. Just buy some Mastik. Apply liberally. Install tire and wait a day. I have glued 21 sets of tubulars since may on all varieties of rims and even if people beg, I will only use Mastik and hard work. 


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