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Hey guys,
I'm getting really sick of re-cabling bikes after these sloppy races and I'm thinking of dropping the buxx to get the Gore cables. BUT they won't solve the problem if they don't survive the mud and snow!

Can anyone share their experience with riding these cables? Do they withstand messy conditions and come out clean? Are the housing ferules as schnazzy and weathertight as the company claims? I know what they're supposed to do - I'm looking for real-life experiences on the bike for what they actually do in real life.

thanks in advance...

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welp, i just went ahead and ordered another set of sealed courtesy of cyclocross world. After spending WAY too much on cables after just ONE race in the mud, I figured with all the times I will be riding the nationals course this weekend, Ill just invest. We can experiment together. No sand to get into the cables now!
after hearing you say that about sand, i'm all worried about mud. we're always cleaning mud and grass out of shifters. i'm not sure this is going to work...
i dont think you understand the extent to which I burried these shifters... It took a solid 20 minutes water and blowing to get them to where the shifter would actually close.... it was rough. BTW, gore is making them in white housing so I kind of had to get some bling for nats so people will overlook the cracked seat stay!

Really the sealed worked GREAT until I bit it.
I've been running them all season and they are awesome. I have gotten the bike super muddy several times, slid out and fell on my drive train a ton at Northbrook, raced and trained and fell in sand pits and ridden countless miles on dusty crushed limestone trails. All of this wreaked havoc on my shifting last year. This year- nothing. It was the smartest decision I've made all year. Yes, I have the fully sealed. Do it!
I just chucked my Gore cables, and put on some standard cable and housing. Although I am just using the Gore cables that came with the SRAM shifters, and this is not the sealed system. After the Jingle Cross mud fest the coating on the cables shredded and clogged up the housing.
Hey Pigtails,

I'm a mechanic at a bike shop and we've been stocking and selling Gore cables for a while now. I have the fully-sealed kits on all my bikes, including my 'cross bike. While the discounts help, I still think they're worth the investment for a bike that's guaranteed to get sloppy. The Low-Friction cables are better suited for pristine road bikes and not really 'cross-friendly. And while I haven't eaten it as hard as D.Hutton has, I've seen my fair share of mud and mishaps and haven't had a problem. The system is only susceptible to contamination where the housing meets the shifter (for SRAM and Campy users, that's under the hoods) and at the end of the cable, which is protected with a grub seal. The cables get an A+ in my book.
thanks for the props on my crashing ability... I greatly appreciate it! Anyway! Seriously. When I ran them before the mishap they performed phenominally. Had I been a little more neat in the set up process the cabl wouldn't have freyed in the rear and gotten into the housing. Just be patient in set up and take it the way they reccomend and all will work great!
I have them on my mtb, and love them.
I have run them for most of the season on my cross bikes.
USGP the cables got kinda trashed.
had done a couple of other mud races, and lots of sand races to that point with no issues.
I still have the brake cables, but switched out the derailers for reg cables.
I have another set cables in the garage that will go on the new bikes next season.

Thanks, y'all... I'm convinced! We'll be using them in 09.


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