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Looking for a second set of wheels and have been very happy with my Iron Cross & Raven tires (norcal dryness). Even ran them at 16.5psi (I am 168lb) for a practice session when I let too much air out.

Anyways, I could just buy Iron Cross but the Grail sounds interesting and might be useful for using on gravel rides - although I normally have used my road bike with 25c tubeless on the mixed races (Grasshoppers) with success. On more gravel I would prolly need to use the cross bike but wondering if I would ever need that extra pressure reserve since I thought if was running a 35-40 tire on a long gravel ride I'd still be closer to 40psi max. 

If there's no disadvantage to the Grail then it would be cool to have that ability.

- mike.

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Iron Cross is lighter 385g then Grail 460g and cannot be used above 50 psi. Road tubeless does not work on Iron Cross. Grail has a more aero shape and will work tubeless both with cross and road tubeless tires.  I use Iron Cross as my main CX wheel.  Grail is used with my CX mud tires and for training I use Hutchinson Sector 28 on gravel roads. The only disadvantage to Grail is that it is heavier. 

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Oh cool! Thanks!

I am using the Comp Iron Cross and would get the Team Grail so looks like for both wheels the weight penalty is only 60g or so. I'll check with my LBS about the availability for each but I think I'll go with the Grail for futureproofing and ability to do a 28c instead of sticking to 32-35 (and sub-50psi). Although, I guess I'd need to get the QR versions front and rear to match my '12 Crux unless I could convert the hub if I were to get a 2015 cross bike with thru-axle.


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