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My 2005 Guerciotti EM2 frame may be ready to expire. I've noticed a few new suspicious paint chips under the seatstay <-> seattube junction, and I'm wondering if it's new frame time. I removed some of the extra paint with an eyeglass screwdriver, and I don't see any cracks with my eyeballs. I should add that there's not any weird chips anywhere else that would come along with rocks beating on the paint from racing. There is some under-paint corrosion near the cable stop on the seat tube as well. I was considering making some gussets and having them welded in to the frame to prevent further issues, but I don't know if I'm reaching the lifespan of the frame material already, and I would just be prolonging the inevitable damage that will happen elsewhere on the frame.

I absolutely love the handling of this bike, but can't afford a full-boat replacement. I know the x-crow frames are running about 1400 right now, and that's more than I will be able to spend. I don't think it's due to abuse, I've raced for several seasons on the same wheels that were as true as the day they were built, and I certainly ride lighter than my 205 lbs. would suggest. I was going to strip the frame down and have my friend who paints guitars take complete artistic license with the frame and respray it this winter. I may still do that, and retire this machine to a pit/single speed bike, as I have no pit bike.
Anyone with experience in Aluminum frames have any input?
I've got a list of frames I'm looking at as a replacement, and wouldn't mind some feedback.
Here's the geometry of the guerc..
52cm frame, 72.5 head tube angle, 74 seat tube angle, 53.5 top tube. I don't know how the changes in angles , etc will alter the feel of the bike.

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That frame is fine. I don't see anything wrong with it. If you start to see cracks on the welds then you might wanna worry. But what you have there is fine. Unless you're looking at cutting edge AL (say CAAD 9) it's a very durable material.
Paint can flex with the frame but is less it cracks and flakes.

If you're really worried take a small patch of sand paper and sand that white primer off. You'll know if it's cracked.

I think it looks fine...

Oh and I have several years on CAAD 9 frames without a hint of a problem by the way! :)

PS Good job in The Championship of the Universe!
52cm, eh? i'd say ride it until it breaks! or until it looks a bit more like it's going to break. if it were about 5 cm bigger, however i'd say the frame is toast and you might as well give it away. ;-)


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