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HED Ardennes Plus (Belgium Plus) Tubeless or Ritchey Zeta 2- Anyone Have Experience?

I'm considering getting a custom wheel set built around HED Belgium Plus rims (the same rims that come on the Ardennes Plus wheelsets). Does anyone have experience running these tubeless for cyclocross? 

Other options include the American Classic RD 2218 rim and just getting a factory built set of Ritchey Zeta 2s. Can anyone comment on how either of those perform?

I'm looking for a stiff, durable wheel that performs well tubeless. Weight is less of a concern than those but all else equal, lighter is better. 

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!

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I can only speak from a builders stand point. The Hed are great. They build up super well. They are very stiff. Several customers are big guys and have not had issues. 

Good luck

Any idea if the HEDs perform reliably when set up tubeless for 'cross?

I have a Belgium+ setup tubeless for my road/adventure bike with many miles on the dirt done. It's a 32 spoke and once I'd had it re-tightened (Competitive Cyclist build around a Powertap G3 hub got real loose non-drive-side with just a few miles riding!!) it has been bulletproof. During re-tighten it was noted that the rims did not allow much exit angle on the spokes so they have some bend to them - which might've contributed to the loosening - or really the lack of correct tightening from the start.

I used wide Stans tape. At least for the road these rims make wide tires WIDE!

[On my cross bike I have Iron Cross tubeless and love it.]


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