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If anyone is interested, I've got some helmet cam footage from some of my races thus far this season  (one race to go).

Before you watch, a word or two about my "skillz" as a videographer. I have none. I edited the videos for length only (so there's not six minutes of standing around in staging), and sometimes the battery would cut out on the final lap. In those instances, you do, unfortunately miss my huge last 1/2 lap rally where I lay it all on the line. If I could have, I would have tried to put some music to the videos to make them at least bearable. I've found that in the past, when I've added music, I get the "you've done a bad thing" message from YouTube, and the AudioSwap feature doesn't (as far as I know), allow you to add multiple tracks to add up to 40 minutes. SOMETIMES, if you listen closely, you'll hear witty comments, more often, you'll hear wheezing and panting, to the point that the audio may not be safe for work. You've been warned.

Ice Weasels Cometh (Wrentham, MA)

BayState Cyclocross, Day 2 (Sterling, MA)

Northeast Velo Cross (Londonderry, NH)

Cycle Smart International (North Hamptom, MA)

Night Weasels Cometh (Shrewsbury, MA)

GP Gloucester, Day 2 (Gloucester, MA)

GP Gloucester, Day 1 (Gloucester, MA)

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