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Hey all, I'm new to Cyclocross and, as all noobs, need help getting the right bike. For now I want to use to to train for a sprint tri in September but after that I'm interested in training and possibly competing in cyclocross events. I've checked out a few bikes but I want to get some good advice. I'm looking into the following:


- Cannondale CAAD8CX 5

- Specialid Tri Comp Sport Triple

- Kona Jake the Snake

- Kona Major


Through talking to people I realize that it's important that the frame is solid and set up well enough for current use and versatile enough to add components to it later. So, which one of these has the best current set up for a newbie as well as the best frame to upgrade as I get into the sport more.


I appreciate all suggestions.

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The flat top tube is nice, but not important. If you like the Fuji, get it. Feeling comfortable with a bike is the most important thing.
I'm enjoying my Fuji Cross Pro. I've got about 200 miles on it. It's done everything that I ask it to although I got some strange looks at the local MTB park :)
I ended up getting a Fuji Cross Comp... should get it in a few days... thanks to everyone for the advice. I'll let you know how it goes.
Yeah, I'd really love to know how you feel about the bike after a few hundred miles and then again after a thousand or so.
Let us know how you like it.
This isn't exactly a reply since you've already made your decision. Regardless, I'm new to trying cyclocross too after about 35 years on road bikes and another 16 on mountain. I've been reading and looking - forums/ebay/craigslist also. About two hours ago FedEx delivered my first CX bike - a Scott CX Team. It's full Ultegra except for the FSA crankset and Tektro brakes. I've had Shimano on my mountain bikes but always Campagnolo on road. I'm really excited and headed out for my first ride right now. Yes, I'm carrying some tools for the unexpected, adjustments and fine tuning. I got (what I think) was a great deal from a company out of Boulder. I bought it on Thursday, shipped on Monday and received on Thursday.
I think the Raleigh RX 1.0 is REALLY hard to beat for the price:
What does this bike go for?
About $1300 new...
Nice.. Thanks for the info.


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