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Ok I'm going to tubulars for this season - my first race is this Sunday so I need get started with the gluing process in the next day or two so they are ready to test and race. 

By scrounging over the past few months I got a nice used but not abused tubular wheelset - Major Tom rims - nice and wide for tubular tires. 

I also scored two sets of high end tubular tires: FMB SSCs and Dugast Rhinos.  They have never been mounted.  I got an extra discount for getting both and couldn't pass up the deal. 

So which should I mount?  I have really blown my cycling budget lately and cannot contemplate getting another set of tubular wheels to have both mounted right now. 

Here in the Northwest it's known to be wet and muddy in the fall.  However there are still fast courses and the early season can be drier than you think. 

Here are my thoughts:

1) Mount the FMB SSCs.  They are more of an all around tread.  So if I'm going to have one?  I think they may also be a bit more durable than the Rhinos.  Wait until getting another wheelset to mount the Rhinos (even if that's next year).  Or resell the Rhinos.  Also I have a mud tire on my current clinchers so I could run clinchers later.  (ALthough that's just when you'd want the low pressure tubulars)

2) Mount the Dugast Rhinos. Fuck it, it's Seattle right?  And better to be over treaded than under treaded.  Wait on or sell the FMBs. 

3) Mount a Rhino up front and an SSC rear.  Or should it be the other way around?  That way I have a spare for each when they eventually fail. 

What say you? 

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Mount the Rhinos. You can do everything with those. The SSCs will be good till they're not (muddy) which is a real issue where you live. Mount the SSCs next year on an extra set of wheels.



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