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HELP! Stem with an integrated hanger? Low stack hangers or stems?

This is what happens when you buy a frame THEN do the math. The steerer is too short to fit a cable hanger and a stem. I'm hosed. I'd really like to avoid linear pull brakes (they feel like limp spaghetti and are too grabby) and will probably eventually buy another fork, but for the time being, are there any good quality stems with integrated hangers? ...besides the Enve/Speedvagen? What about really short cable hangers? I basically have nothing to work with. Low stack (35mm) stems? Low stack semi integrated headsets?

I'm desperate and I've spent my wad.

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what about using a TRP fork mounted cable hanger? it eliminates brake shutter too

No hole in the fork.  That would have been my first option.  In fact, if there's a hole in the fork, I'd rather run one of those.  Thanks for the reply!

FSA has headsets with integrated cable hangers, maybe that will work

The previous owner slammed the stem and cut it off.  I barely have 40mm above the flat "slammer" top cap.  I think my best bet is to source a stem with 35mm of stack height (40 is normal) and then find a sub 5mm stack cable hanger.  All that I've found so far are either cheesey pressed pot metal or don't give enough clearance under the stem to route the cable.  The one exception is the Fourrier cable hanger that Sanne Paassen uses (see bike on this site) but I can't find one in the US or one that will ship relatively cheaply from Europe.

Curious where you ended up with this?

An option would be to have sold off the canti brakes that you purchased and gotten some TRP Mini V-Brakes.  No cable hanger needed.


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