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I'm organizing a couple of cyclocross races in Miami (see and I want to know if anyone has experience with a scaffold stair run-up with a bridge over the course and a ramp down? 


I'm looking for schematics, drawings or pictures.  


Basically, I am looking for any information that will help me figure out if this is a viable idea for our event.





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Kelley Acres (MABRA) had one last season. I don't remember the name of the promoter, but you might be able to find it through MABRA's website.

I don't know the dimensions, but the angle of the transition from flat top to ramp down is important - too sharp/steep and it causes falls. At Kelley Acres, the stairs were preceded by a single barrier - forced people off and running before the stairs - I guess that was good - stops boneheads riding full speed into the stairs.
That's the land-owner's blog. There are pictures of the fly-over - just have to go back a few pages (sadly, they bulldozed it, since they aren't hosting races anymore).
Thanks for your help!

This was from a race in Michigan last season. It was really steep to get up, but worth it with the gradual down. Check out more photos on my flickr -
Thanks. Great picture. This really helps. 
I have ridden the rhino one many times (in the picture). You can google the flying rhinos and give the shop a call. I am sure they would be willing to answer some questions.
The run up is steep that is for sure. Much more than the one at the USGP. But the nice thing about this one is that it makes all the others seem easy. :)
Cool. Thanks.
I know there is an unused flyover sitting at Big Bear Lake, WV....they used to use it for the 24 hour races there....
not sure if it's for sale.

other option is to call a local Production/Rental - Audio, Video Lighting, Stage Company and see if they have information on "steel" company.
Many of these organizations build up to 120 foot towers for concerts and shows....they should be able to help.
there is cheap, scary scaffolding and Industrial scaffold, don't don't don't use the cheap stuff.
You are asking for issues.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:
Thanks.  I agree. This isn't the kind of thing you do on the cheap -people can get hurt. 

I have a call into a couple of companies similar to the ones you recommended.

Let's see what they come back with. 

Thanks again 

Hey All,

We are looking into building/having one of these at our races this year.

We need some more guidelines to get a better estimate, so I have a couple of questions:

How wide are they normally? 

How high is the ceiling of the underpass?

We are planning for 8-10" stairs, does that sound about right? Most likely at about a 60deg angle.

The down ramp is going to be about 30-40deg.

Does this sound about right?


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