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I did my first cross race (finally!) this weekend. But I completely neglected to pay attention to my tires, and just have the ones that came with my bike - specialized tri cross comp. How do I go about choosing a new set of tires? The ones that came with the bike are too slick, I need something knobbier. I race in the midwest and there are only a few races left this season that are guaranteed to be fairly muddy and snowy.

I know my wheels are 700x32 and that I have to get the right size, but do you generally go in to a bike shop and check them out, or buy them online, how do I choose how much I should spend, which ones I should buy. I'm lost in an internet sea of cross tires and have no idea where to begin.

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Get Michelin Mud tires. They only come in one size, so that's easy. They are proven performers in the mud and will serve you very well indeed in both casing and tread. They're considered the standard in sloppy tires.
Can't go wrong with Michelin Mud 2's. They're pretty much the benchmark for clincher cross tires.
Thanks both of you! so please forgive me this bit of complete cycling ignorance...but are 700x32 and 700x30 interchangeable?
More or less. That second number refers to the width of the tire but at least for fat tires (MTB, 'cross) that number has had less and less meaning as the years go on, IME.

Anyways, they only come in one width and that width works just fine. And it's interchangeable with whatever is on your bike now.
Thanks for helping me out with this!


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