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I realize the big turmoil is in UCI allowing disc brakes now. So unless I am seriously confused, it seems that UCI also droped the max width of 'cross tires to 33cm. So what do you think is going to happen with all those 34c tagged tires? Seeing as very few tires actually measure as wide as they are labelled, and that the tire mfgs.have a ton of these in stock, too, I think they'll just "re-badge" the 34's and 35's to be 33's.


At least, that's what I would do. Or is that too risky?

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Has anyone started measuring 34 tires, different brands, tire pressures...

I assume no is going to care too much on this one, but it would be stupid (yet not completely out of the question) to see officials running around with a set of calipers at the finish line of big races.
Actually the UCI elites are going to care very much about this. For our part we've started mounting and testing our own tires and rim combinations with typical race pressures to see how we net out. There's no point risking valuable UCI points on the start line if an official decides to measure tires with a gauge.
Makes me wonder... how was this enforced previously? Did they measure to be sure you were under 35c, or just eyeball it? Just check the tire's label? Not that it impacts me at all, as I'll be racing C class this year at non-UCI races, but just curious.
it probably wasn't enforced too heavily, but that doesn't mean the rule change wont... any one racing on a tire bigger than 36mm is not going to advantage any one and not too many were even on the market, there seemed to mostly be a void until you get into the 41 and 42mm tires from irc and conti.
and with a new rule its likely to be more self enforced during races' 15 minute dispute period after results are posted... i.e. johnny telling on jimmy for having the wrong tires when a series point is at stake!
i am pretty sure our 34's and 35's are ok for normal USAC races, it will just be the UCI races that will matter.
good thing had vittoria clincher 32's for 17 bucks TWO MONTHS AGO!


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