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I was wondering if anyone out there had experienced this issue. I have just started training for the upcoming season and have been experiencing pretty consistent pain on my inner to front hip (and partially outer hip) on my right side. I have a feeling I hit the hills a little early (like the first day) in my training. Anyhow, I went to the doctor and he said that he thought it was not a big deal because he could not feel anything. Problem is, it bloody hurts and anti-inflammatories/pain killers don't seem to help much, nor does a few days of rest. Sitting seems to aggravate it quite a bit.

I am pretty inexperienced with cycle training so I am reaching out to see if this is a common cycling injury and to see if anyone has any advice on what to do.


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If it is the hip flexor...they can sometimes take a long time to heal. It can not be stretched out, your gonna have to baby it for a while.
i'd also look into sciatica - but i'm no doctor. i know sitting can aggravate that type of injury and it's felt in the leg even if the nerve is in your back.

were you doing any mounts or dismounts? often you can strain your groin from that, but that'd be more of your inner thigh.

have you tried ice and compression?
@cxchiva and @andrew - Thanks for the suggestions. I am gonna take it easy on it for a while, not that I want to. I think I will probably just have to go annoy the doctor again and see if he will refer me to a physio. I tried some ice and that seems to work a little. First think in the morning after sleep it feels half alright, so that seems to point towards resting it a bit.


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