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Just curious. Over here just north of London in Buckinghamshire it's all over by December.
And then we all wait a few months before the road season kicks in, maybe filling in the gaps with a few MTB races.
It seems as if your season is far longer or is it just a winter sport for you also?

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The Utah Cyclocross series is done Dec. 5th, with one last "for fun" race the first Saturday in January to go along with the end of season party.
Here in Kansas City, our season starts mid/end Sept. and runs to mid Jan. This year there are rumors that a few races may pop up in Feb.
I was about to say the same thing Mark! You beat me to it.
In Portland, Oregon, public practices and clinics August and September. Local racing begins in September and runs through to nearly the end of November, with the final stop of the US grand Prix tour coming to Portland first weekend of December. (Our season is extended by a week this year because we're hosting the US Nationals in Bend, and I'm bummed because I can't afford to go.)
The cross season in MN begins in late September and ends the middle of November. It seems short, but I also missed a lot of the races in the early part of the season.
yeah, but it's easy to extend our season. WI Championships then Dingle berry jingle cross.
The CX season is too short. I suggest you all start saving your pennies and plan to attend Cult Cross next April. Get your fix in early Spring.
where is Cult Cross being held? I'd be up for it, so long as I can drive there from Montreal....

oh, and! in Quebec the cross season starts in September (mid to late) and goes to October (late-ish)...
in Ontario they make better use of their cross season and start in September, but go to at least mid-November, with even i think a race on New Year's Day or around Christmas...


i would but where the hell does the race take place
You people ever heard of Google? :)

Colorado -
September through January in NorCal
i don't know...maybe for the pros/elites, it should stay seasonal...but for us Cat 4s, there ought to be races year round to toughen us up!

anyways, this is my first season and i jump in a little late. but i'm hooked


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