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Being relatively new to cross and racing in a league with only six events per year, I know I've been over cautious with tyre pressures.
So not wanting to risk a flat I've been racing on 70PSI (and it shows). However we have had a very dry season and I'm already feeling battered.
I'm about 12 stone and running Conti Speed Kings, based on this what would you put in?

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I've run as low as 30 psi racing on Michelin Muds with out a flat, but I weigh 140 lbs. I know that pro's weighing 15-20 lbs. more than I will go a few psi lower, but they don't run clinchers very often. I don't know why you'd want to go over about 45 psi unless it was a completely flat hard packed dirt course.
I weigh about 185 lbs, I think that's around 13 stone. I usually run around 32 psi in the front and 35-38 in the rear, lower if there aren't any rocks or other obstacles that may cause a pinch flat. I've never pinch flatted so I may be able to go even lower, but so far this suits me pretty well.
I weigh in about 180. I have pinch flatted twice.
Now both times were on a transfer to pavement with a turn invloved.
I was running right at 50-55 psi.
I am real reluctant to go any lower, let alone stay at this pressure.
My local shop recomends tubeless.
I run clinchers pretty low with great success. 160 pounds, in the high 20s psi sometimes. I did one race recently with 26 psi in the front, 29 in the rear, with tubes, not tubeless (bumpy Star Crossed). It was with Racing Ralphs, which are a little stiffer than some.

The course didn't have any rocks, roots, but had some bumps and transitions to pavement. I firmly believe that some careful course inspection can relieve you of most dangers of pinch flatting.

That being said, I have been mostly racing tubeless and tubulars over the last two years. But two seasons ago I rode mostly clinchers and flatted only once when botching a curb jump in a race.

A pressure gauge is a good tool too if you use different pumps.

I doubt you'd need anything higher than high 30s even though SpeedKings aren't the widest tire. Speed is a part of it though, and so if you're flying with the As, you'll certain hit things with more force than me!

Consider going a little wider perhaps?
I've run around 28-30psi on Ritchey Speedmax's 32c and I'm around 145lbs (10.35 stone?). Pinch flatted the front in one race, but I smoked a root so it's hard to say. I run my tubulars around there too, may be a tad lower. Definitely don't want to run 70psu though, that would definitely rattle your cage.
I weigh 195-200lbs., ride Michelin Mud2 CX tires. Last race, I ran about 40 psi front and rear, and things went really well. Previously, I'd been running Conti Twisters, and anything below 70 psi and it was Pinch Flat City.
Thanks for the input, I think I'll progressively try lower pressures. I considered tubs but they're pretty expensive in the UK and with a six race season it seemed prohibative.
But based on the info above I'm going to jump in at 45/50psi.


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