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Right now I am slowly (oh so slowly) putting on base miles on the bike. I have a 30 mile road race I am planning on doing the end of May, and then maybe a few of the state time trials and hopefully most of the Mt. bike season (it's only 6 races here in Maine). Then I'll try some 'cross races in the fall. I want to work myself up to and maintain 7 hours of exercise a week. I need to run to lose weight, and for CX and Mt. Biking. But out of that 7 hours how much should I commit to running?

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Not sure what the courses are like in Maine but here is SE Michigan, there's only a few parts that require a dismount. That being the case, the majority of my training is spent on the bike. I run about 1-2 times a week for about 3-4 miles each session. Nothing crazy (no hill repeats, etc.) just running. This is only as maintenance, once we get to July/August, I may start doing some interval sprints/hill work just to get reacquainted with the old anaerobic running feeling... I guess I should add, I absolutely hate running so I probably do less running than others do.

I hope this helps.

many of the pros nowadays do very little running. tim johnson says he just "walks" when he can. it can get muddy in maine, so running may help, but the routine that seems to work for many folks is doing some base running now or at least in a few months, just to get the body used to it. if you do some running now to lose weight, you're prob all set.

but come cross time? if you can do a few short hill repeats and a few flat sprints (with your bike) each week you should be okay for most races unless it turns into a running race.

I personally don't run much during cx - just try to get a little in the wed night practice. our races here are dry anyway until dec.
Looking at where you live I would reccomend running some. Normally the month before cross season starts I get 1-2 runs in a day. Starting with 15 minute jogs and by the end of the month I will work on hill sprints. Once racing/training for cross starts I leave my running to cross practice and don'e do it any more. This year I may do a bit more mid season considering I am doing Portland......
1-2 a day? or week?
a week... sorry! Thanks for pointing that out. I meant to say week
I run 2-3 times a week anywhere from 2-4 miles all year with speed work in APR and then again in SEP-OCT. I have to take the Army's APFT. But after OCT I will just run in the grass for 20 mins.
Rich, as a trainer I would tell you to pick a priority and that will dictate how you spend the majority of your training time. if we take strength training out of the discussion for now... I would suggest riding 4-5 of the 7 hours and running 2-3 of them. riding will also help cut weight ofcourse. Biggest factor in cutting wieght is diet so be disciplined in the kitchen. Glad to discuss further. John
Thank you John,

Diet? Discipline in the kitchen? Ahhhahahaha. But seriously the amount of, or at least regular, exercise seems to have a greater effect on my personal weight than diet. But having got into cooking my own Mexican food last year and using fresh veggies and picking recipes with some knowledge I know it does help and is important. My job situation is really bleak at the moment so there has been a lot of hungry man dinners of late. I should be working again soon so hopefully I can afford and have the motivation to get the good stuff out of the grocery store and get healthier stuff into me. Strength training would have to be a no cost affair. I can't afford a gym membership or weights. I was in the Navy so I usually do calisthenics I learned there once I get a routine going. I used to run XC in junior high and track in high school, but my physical build is much different now, and my weight concerns me when it come to running again. Also, how would I break up the running and cycling? I was a middle distance running in high school, so to run for an hour seems incomprehensible. But one reason for wanting to make sure I get running in is that it seems to trim you down faster than cycling. My old boss said he ran to keep his weight down. What do you think of this?
Thank you,

P.S. Just to let everyone know I have been reading all the posts and taking mental notes. I appriciate all the feed back.
i was advised to run for 30min, 1/2 times a week BUT not focus on distance, HR, etc... and to just walk if i started cramping or feeling too worked-over... hard workouts should be bike-only
I dont run durning road/mtb season but starting in august i like to run hills or stairs, its a good high intensity workout and good practice for some of the long run ups (ie knapp time at steilacomb)
ah... good point. i live in chicago -- we go "up" in escalators and elevators


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