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Got the UPS box last night: Soulcraft tensioner, Salsa 42 ring, Surly 18 and 20 cogs, and a KMC chain.

Had the bike prepped by removing shifting bits and installing vintage 90s Shimano 105 brake levers.

Install was a snap and the 42x20 was perfect without the tensioner. My test trips around the yard and up and down the street indicated I liked the 42x20 a lot.

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Couple more pics.
Soulcraft makes a great little product there with the Convert. Still, test-rides up and down the street may be very different from test-rides on the course. It might be good for you to take a couple spare cogs in other sizes along to the races. This looks like it will be a LOT of fun to ride. Enjoy!
Went out to the practice facility. 42 degrees. Started as light rain and progressed to steady rain. Ran the 42x20. On pavement and hard pack (access road), I spun out. However, on the heavy grass and soggy ground, the ratio was spot on. As long as I wasn't on hard surfaces for more than about 15-20 yards, I was able to put good power to the pedals. I was snappy while fresh and it wasn't too onerous to push when I got tired.

Wish I had brought the 18t cog though.
I always take an extra cog or two to the races. I've learned that I will never really know what a course will tell me until I'm actually ON it. Even if I never reach for them, I like having them in the bag just in case.
BTW, from your monicker it appears you're local to me; are you going to Salem for OBRA Cx Champs this weekend, or USGP in a couple of weeks?
Yeah, I'm in Vancouver, WA. I recognize your name from OBRA list. I've had a rough couple years with health issues (mild stroke, pneumonia, herniated disc) so I've been out of racing quite a bit. I'm 50/50 about doing Krugers for giggles. But that would be it for this year. Mostly just working toward next year.

I'll use SS as a place holder until I can move up to the 50+ race in 3 years. My main motivators for racing SS are: 1) lower equipment cost (still got 9-speed on my bikes and those components are losing reliability), 2) earlier in the day race than the A+ (I hate finishing when everyone has left and I can't hang out in a relaxed manner), and 3) wide range of competition so I don't have the pressure of getting back to the level of fitness I had before my health issues.
nice EM
Just be sure to routinely check that it is snug. I did not work well for me and yes I had it put on correctly. I ended up sticking with the less attractive, but far burlier Rennen Rollenlager It does not move and is bombproof which is good for a destructive creep like me.


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