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Does anyone else share this dream?  As far as I can tell such hubs basically don't exist.  Circus Monkey seems to make one, but it apparently disintegrates when it gets wet.  That's a bad attribute in a CX hub.  Does anyone know of any others out there?

My gut tells me that as the bigger manufacturers start to recognize the disc CX market, that 24H rear disc hubs might become a reality.



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DT Swiss 240 disc hubs are available in 24.

Odds are you can ask American Classic to drill them in 24.  Paul will drill a 24H for you, though I don't know if they're making gear disc hubs at the moment.  Chris King might as well.

Though, if it were up to me, I'd either (very nicely) ask White Industries.

And though they're not available just yet... Wheels Manufacturing Hubs

The Hive will be making cassette hubs soon as well, not sure of spoke count.

Also, check other branded hubs, made by DT Swiss, I THINK Cannondale (Coda) did some 24H rear disc hubs in 6 bolt pattern.

Your other option is to use a 36 hole hub and skip every 4th hole. 

And wa-la: 24H Disc rear hub

Get creative here and lace them to a Ksyrium: Crossmax 29er 24h front/rear

Thanks for the info, but I do not believe that DT Swiss makes one, at least it's nowhere on their website.  All their rear hubs are 28+ holes.  PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong about that.  I had just been thinking of calling White of Phil Wood and asking about a custom job, I'm just not sure how much it might cost.  I had seen that Cannondale hub on ebay that you referenced, but from what I understand it's just a rebranded Formula hub that isn't worth the box it ships in.  Thanks for the Wheels Manufacturing link, that's interesting, I didn't know about them.



I have just spent 2 hours trying to find 24 hole disc hubs for cross. The ONLY set available right now is Phil Wood and it is a 40$ per hub add on charge for 24 holes. 

White said no custom drilling and they only offer 28

Stans No Tubes Iron Cross wheels are 24 but they are not selling the hubs separate. 

American classic, no

Chris King eluded to something happening and to keep watching their website, but that nothing is available right now

I would think the stress from the brakes on the hub and less spokes would be a problem.... Its not like braking on the rim where there is not as much load on the hub... But I am no physics guy.....

If Easton has MTB wheels that are 24 with disc brakes, there must be a hub out there...

easton specs their own hubs and has them made for them.


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