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Informal poll - where do you buy your cyclocross parts?

Do you go online, i.e. Ebay? or local?  Re-use parts from previous bikes?  Buy new?  Scavenge?  I even heard a strategy was to buy a Motobecane bike, sell the frame and use the parts!

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Ebay, mostly.
Local Bike shop, Not only do you get personal service, you can talk about races & where you made mistakes. Pick up tips & tricks etc...
It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you want new parts, there's Cyclocross World dot com, and your local bike shop as Joseph Davis pointed out. If you're trying to get decent newish parts on the cheap, maybe eBay although I've had spotty luck there - some sellers will throw your brakes in a tyvek envelope with no padding, for example. IF you're working on a budget build, scavenge wherever. 110 bcd cranks aren't a new innovation - they were around for quite a while from Shimano, Sugino, et al. Old touring bikes and hybrid bikes can be had cheap and have cantilever brakes, 700c wheels, and quite functional derailers.

Also, see if there's a local 'cross group. If so, more than likely they'll have a group mailing lists where everyone can chime in and members will post their stuff FS from time to time.
from the shop i ride for Wedcyclery, super nice bunch of kids!
Used to Ebay for a lot of things, but it seems over the years the prices have creeped up while the selection has stagnated a bit.

Mostly the local shops now, I find that after you make some acquaintances and show that you're a regular customer who breaks things a lot, they are pretty willing to help support your habit.
I do a lot of shopping around from my LBS to eBay but 99% of what I do is online, I just bought a SRAM PG 1070 rear Cassette for my Crossbow for 58$ from my LBS off their website it was their deal of the day.
So far all of what I have gotten has been new never ridden, I guess that if I was home more and not out of town as much as I am I would hit Craig's list as well.


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