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Hi guys!

I'm new to cyclocross and CX Magazine's site so I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello and thank you for welcoming me into your community!  Sorry if I'm a little slow with the terminology and everything but I'm working on it.

Also, since I'm new to the sport/style of bike, I'm looking for a good starting cx bike.  I got the suggestion of picking up a new 2012 Cannondale CX Tiagra for $1200 or a new 2013 Cannondale CX Sola for $1100.  Should I spring for one of these or look around for a used bike with higher quality frame and higher quality components?  If anyone has any 56 cm CX bikes they are looking to sell in the price range up to $1300 please let me know and I'd love to discuss that with you!

Thank you all!

Matthew Margritier

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How many races are left in your local CX series? If it's already over, I would give it some time and watch this forum for deals. You could get an amazing bike for cheap.

If you still have a few races left, maybe it's better to jump on one of those deals and you could race tomorrow or next weekend. We roll through January here in Washington State with Cascade Cross.

I'm not really looking to race this season but am just looking to get a bike so I would be ready for next season/have a good bike when I need it for commuting during the winter.  So I could definitely wait for deals.

Matthew, I'm in a pretty similar position only I'm part way on with a build of a Planet X Uncle John frame I picked up cheap. It's not a perfect CX bike but it will surfice for my abilities and ambitions (finish a race or two next season). Look around, there are some good deals to be had at various times. It mostly comes down to been in the right place at the right time. For instance, Campmor in Paramus NJ (I know it won't help you but it illustrates a point) are sell the Kona Jake entry level bike for $850s right now. Had I seen that, I sure as hell wouldn't be spending my nights glued to eBay searching for bargain components!

Good luck and keep reading this forum, there's some great info on here. I got the tip off about Campmor from another forum user for example.


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