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A quick question for any of you that have competed in tha IC race in PA. 
What tire pressure do you run?  
A teamate and I both run 35psi for a typical Cx race. He runs tubulars and I tubeless. However the ICx obviously isn't your typical cross race. Dirt rds and pavement make up 60% of the course but there is also single and double track more suited for a mtb. While it's tempting to run 60psi for the rd/dirt section, that pressure would hammer me in the off rd sections.  
I'm considering using 45 psi so I have good traction in grass/gravel/off rd and just dealing with the lower pressure on the pavement. 
Thoughts from any former competitiors?   

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I failed to mention this is a100k race.
6X IC vet here- tubulars are a calculated risk, I wouldn't do it for this event unless you're looking for an edge for a top placing as some sections have sharp shale that can pierce a tire, my first year on Tufos was a mistake. Exact PSI depends on the tire, your weight and riding style of course, but the first part of the course is fairly fast and smooth, most of the rougher sections come later. The Lippincott section of singletrack comes early and is the roughest most technical section with lots of babyhead rocks and small logs, but most people on CX bikes walk/run/trip through most of it anyway and it's only about a mile or less.  So I'd start with harder, then maybe let out some air at CP#3 as the course is mostly gravel road and smooth singletrack at that point. Other than Lippencott, the singletrack sections are soft surfaces and non-technical, just watch for tree roots and sticks.  Everybody has their favorite tires for this one, in general something high volume with minimal tread and and a little puncture resistance is the way to go.  FWIW, I've used my Panaracer Pasela Tourguard 35c's at around 50-55psi for the past several years as well as this year- more a touring tire rather than a CX tire. I carry 3 tubes (2 for me, usually an extra to bail out a new friend I inevitably find stranded along the way), and don't depend only on CO2.

Great info! Thanks for the quick response.
This will me my first year. I've done the VT50 9 times
which is a 5+hr mtb race (could never be done on a Cx bike)
but, this should be a new experience.
What's considered a good finishing time?

Finishing feels damn good no matter the time.  Winning time is less than 4 hrs.  5 hrs is pretty good, well ahead of the bell curve, pretty much everyone is off the course by 7 hrs or so.


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