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I'm posting this here because it's racing related - if it should be in a different discussion forum please feel free to move it.

CX season is just getting started here in FL and word has come down that our state race will require AMB/ Mylaps transponders. As a road racer I know it's common to use chips for accuracy during races but I've never seen it required for a CX race. Granted, our races are smaller here in FL (one more reason IMO to not need them) but I wondered if chips are common up north/ out west.



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hey there. we just started using them at this series... it's with mixed success so far. i like the promise - quick, fast accurate results complete with lap splits. the downside? it hasn't worked like that yet, and there's a $5 fee passed on to racers. but it's only been two races so far. kinks happen.

there are other series (like Seattle Cyclocross) and others that have used them too. the USGP was using them before as well.
Not really. I think I've used them twice. It was kind of a hassle. People think it's going to be a magical solution to all their problems but in reality it's not. And lots of places have been running huge races w/o them.
Thanks for the replies. The promoter is saying we'll need to tie them to our ankle in the case that you end up on a pit bike at the end of the race. The CX scene is so small here in FL that it seems really needless to me. My guess is there won't be more than 25 racers per cat.
For Seattle cyclocross they go on the helmet using rubberbands through vet holes with a bar over the start finish line vs. the mat system. Racers keep the RFID tag for the season.

I would say they are necessary for our field sizes with several waves races on the course at once that are mixed together after a lap, but Portland has bigger fields and they manage with out at least last time I did one of their cross crusade races with over a 1000 racers a day.
We have been testing a RFID system for 2 years in Seattle. We have done this on a shoestring budget and are very close to perfecting it. The tags are below $2 each and we are currently getting a near perfect read. We have 4 methods that we use, 1. USA Cycling officials, 2. camera film, 3. 10 key , and 4. the RFID system. If you have promoted any races you know the drawbacks of the first 3, so we have been slowly working on #4. The anticipation is too next year be 100% with RFID. We are being very cautious about relying solely on this until we are assured of perfection. Any promoters who have questions on this can get in touch thru our website


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