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So I just bought tubeless wheels & I want try out a tubeless set up with Hutchinsons

I have seen several post on this set-up but I would like to here from someone who has experience with the Shimano tubeless wheels for the optimal set-up...

Does additional tape need to be put on the rim? How much?
What is the minimum pressure that does not burp? I have seen 40PSI mentioned...
Which sealant works best? Hutchinson, caffelatex, Stan's?

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I'm running the same set-up on my BMC CX-01. Hutchy Bulldogs, Stans, no tape... can run down to 30psi without burps.

I did find at first that the rear leaked, meaning that it went down over night. I put a bunch more Stans in, let it sit over a bucket and then flipped it after 15 mins. After this it holds for a week...

Love them
Great. How much Stan's are you using?
To tell you the truth I wasn't very scientific with this... It was around a half cup I guess... but probably more like just a decent squirt.
FOr me 25psi no problem. i weigh 66 kilo's.
Hutchinson. I've used Stan's before but prefer Hutch.
hey jason, we've done tons of testing on almost every setup, love tubeless, and the shimano/hutchy setup was the first we tried. i would definitely recommend stan's sealant over fast air, and would recommend other tires over the hutchinson. even shimano guys have been using their blue rim strip in tubeless setups. I've used a strip and or tape with okay success but still have not gotten the reliability of a conversion (with stans strip) or the stans rim and a tighter tire. you probably saw this, but some tubeless info here:

the dura-ace/hutchinson setup was only one of two setups that failed during a race...but I've also ridden clinchers with tubes from 25-30 psi typically (lower than I originally thought, since I bought a couple tire pressure gauges).

the burp pressure largely depends on weight. contrary to what I originally thought, most burps (for me) don't happen with impact but in hard cornering.

I have ridden low 20s with some tubeless setups, but never with a hutchinson tire (I weigh 160). Get a gauge and see what you can get away with tubes, and then compare your tubeless setup. You should not be able to pinch the bead with your hand and get it to burp.

let us know how you do! good luck.
I have reread your article.

Too confirm, are you recommending putting in a standard rim strip in the shimano tubeless rim?
hi jason.
you know, i don't like standard cloth strips because who knows how the latex sealant works with that material if cotton. rubber rim strips could work, and a stans strip might as well. you can try a different tire first and if you don't get the performance you like, add something to take up space. some electrical or strapping tape will work fine or that shimano blue rim strip (that's what cyclepath in pdx uses).

let us know how you end up!

perhaps you'll have better luck. I've been trying to ride with a tire gauge nowadays to really know the tire pressure I'm using. I used 27psi today in a narrow 32c kommando tire and it felt rock hard to me...
So if I put in the Stan's cyclocross rim strip from the start would this not be a bombproof set-up instead of experimenting with other types of rim tapes? Is there any down side to the Stan's rim strip except weight?
I'm super new and looking for a wheelset to start saving for. With the tubeless set-up, are you limited to tubeless-specific tires or can you run any tire with enough sealant?
Well... nevermind. Just read the articles posted above.


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