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Mad, crazy props to all of the KCCX crew for spankin' it hard all weekend. The course, the venue et al were AWESOME. I feel sorry for Bend (not really) to follow these 2 years.

Thanks to all the local yocals for going mental for the SKCross crew. It was awesome to hear!

Cross effin' rules

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Yeah, I echo that! I've watched the 'cross scene in KC continue to evolve....what a cool venue Tiffany turned out...i've ridden/seen a lot of cyclocross, around the world and around the country, this Nationals had a great unique flavor; up there with the biggest and baddest. Cool expo, great sight lines for the spectators, flowing Blvd. beer!
What a great experience. The elite's were so personable. Jeremy Powers took my 8 year old son and I into their RV to meet Tim Johnson and Jaime Driscoll. We got autographs and talked. I spent a while talking to Trebon's dad after he introduced himself to us after seeing my homemade Trebon sign. What a nice family he has. Everything was great and I wish it could be here every year. Thanks to everyone involved!! Now my son wants to be an elite racer.
I guess you could call me the fool on the hill it was great. I watched persons work and kudos to Kurt Wallace for "yeoman" work in the bowl, the course was super and the venue was just wonderful to watch from my vantage point. I met some really nice people from around the states, and exchanged some ideas on course preparation. I would say that KCCX represented this area in a superior manner. It was so great to see some of the teams pitch in, Renaissance was out there at the end of the last race tearing down the course, Jeff, Em, Johnny, Chuckles, Mootha, and the efforts put forth by Joe Fox, Jeremy Haynes, Chris Hershey, Dave Hedjuk, etc do not go unnoticed. The tyrannical leader Andrew The Bomber Chocha was all over the place doing what he does best, everything. It was so much fun for all of the persons out there to work together, even E Man did something, there is a rumor that the Antler Lady was kinda sweet on him, according to KW. Janie took care of it. I will miss someone and that is not fair but I was only able to go down to the ville, ONCE. Congratulations to Chris, Alex, Em, Steve, JB, Chris L., Johnny, Amy, Jeff, Motha, Jeremy, Wendy, Jennifer(Forgot your jacket), Curt, Tige, David, Mark, Groovin, Glenda, Tyler, Allison, Kent, Chris T, Andy, Steve, John, Larry, Bill, Mike, Sarah, Frank, and if I missed anyone I am apologize, but I did get your picture(s) I am sure. Congratulations to the best of the Midwest: The Woo Hoo Girlies, YOU ALL ROCK! !
It was a great event, I'll miss not having it here again. Crowds were great, I was surprised how many lingered to watch us old farts race the last event on Saturday, but the entire course, save for the Mt. Ventoux area before the 1st stairs, was lined with screamers. Things seemed to operate flawlessly, results were on the net very fast, and I had nice discussions w/ riders from around the US, all pleasant & enjoyed 'our' hospitality. Meeting Ned Overend was a nice bonus, too.

The course was pretty dry for our race, I almost wished that water truck was spraying down some of the course to get a bit of mud.

The bar is set pretty high for Oregon. All involved in any way with this event s/b be deservedly smug & satisfied.
I had a great day on Thursday racing in the mud. I was dreading this course, but the mud made it all worth it. The super fast Saturday course would have been fun to ride as well, but yes, at least I got the mud!!

Great job all involved in set up, tear down, preparation and coordinating. Everything went smoothly, at least from a racer and spectator vantage point. I was glad to see the changes Sunday and the additional Ped X-ings. They helped a lot. Was also glad to see Roger wearing pants instead of just tights. Yikes!

Now that we've been spoiled the last two years having Nat's in our backyards, it's our turn to travel and show off our skills to the rest of the country. Who's down for a road trip next December!! I'm sure Roger won't mind driving!!!! : )
What time do we leave?


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