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I have a set of these I bought from an old bike shop - they were just there collecting dust as this shop doesn't see a whole lot of 'cross riders. For a clincher they look like they'd be good in muddy or loose conditions (except for the side knobs that are fairly closely spaced).


Wondered if anyone had any experience with them, if I should bother mounting them up later or not.


No rush, tho - I've got some Ritchey Zed's in a 42c, and Panaracer Fire Cross in a 45 that I'm using now to go play on the trails (man, I love those Zed's... hope I don't kill 'em before the racing season starts up).


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As I recall those tires are way too narrow and the tread a bit dense. There's a scene in Transitions of Gully having his pit crew ("Newt") cut some of the blocks off before an insanely muddy race.
Was wondering asbout cutting some knobs out to make it a better mud tire... but some of the old reviews seem to really like it as it was. What the heck, I'll cut some out. It's only money, right?
hey jd and chris,

that krosss supreme was the same tire redline offered as well, and tim rutledge at redline admits it was not very good EXCEPT for in the ice - he says those side knobs were the bomb at the very first KC nationals in 2001? and everyone wanted a pair:

my own experience is that they're terrible in mud, and those same side knobs caused clearance problems on tight frames or in muddy conditions.

chris, I believe adam was cutting out the knobs of the old hutchinson cx pro tire for gully, as I think gully was sponsored by hutchy before joining them to do pr after retiring. it was a decent tread but a little narrow:

You are absolutely right about the tire and I am wrong. I thought that didn't quite sound right in my head but I didn't think it thru. Thanks for catching that.

I stand by my assertion that that tire is too narrow to be of much good, though.

Don't mean to sound contradictory, just trying to understand. I thought that the Kross Supremes were a bit on the wide side, especially with the side knobs (mine are 35's, but the sidewall also says 37-622). As well, isn't the school of thought to go for a narrower tire in muddy conditions, like the WTB Cross Wolf? If not, then I'm golden with the Fire Cross tires I have (45c's).

Thanks for the time and help understanding.
I did my first few races on the Redline version and all I can say is I wish I knew then what I know now. The tires were heavy and despite having that aggressive tread, didn't work nearly as well as I'd hoped. I've got them setup now for when I hit trails and such. Otherwise I'm running on Grifos.
Hmm... given Andrew's reply, perhaps I'd be better off to toss them up on fleaBay. WIth the Zed's and the Panaracers, I'm set for trail tires. And I've a few other sets for hardpack and faster conditions. Wish I still had those Vredestein Campo's.

Thanks guys!


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