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So we've mentioned a lot of riders using Edge Products out there. In the men's and women's races, name three women and three men (full names) with what Edge Composites product each is using. If you see an answer, don't be discouraged...answer any way as we get a lot of errors in answers! Good luck.

USA residents only.

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Amy Dombroski - tubing for primus mutry
kristin wentworth - wheels
holly klug - wheels

Ryan Trebon - fork
Jonathan Page - stem, bars, wheels
Barry Wicks - fork
Jon Page fork, wheels

Ryan Terbon fork

Barry Wicks fork

Amy Dombroski fork , wheels

Helen Wymann wheels fork

Linda sone wheels, fork
Kristin Wentworth wheels
Linda Sonne = wheels
Amy Dombroski = tubes
Ryan Trebon = fork
Eric Tonkin = fork
Barry Wicks = fork
amy dombroski tubes in frame
Kristin Wentworth wheels
Anna Young wheels
Barry WIcks Fork
Ryan Trebon Fork
Jon Page Wheels
Barry Wicks, Ryan Trebon, TJ: forks, wheels; also Katie Compton, Mo B.R., and Amy Dombroski (tubes). Among others...
Ryan Trebon uses Edge forks.
Barry Wicks also uses Edge forks.
Jonathan Page is using Edge wheels, handlebar, stem, and seatpost.

Amy Dombrowski has an Edge toptube and downtube on her frame.
Kristin Wentworth wheels
linda sonne - wheels
jonatha page: wheels, stem
ryan trebon :fork, wheels
barry wicks: fork and wheels

Van Guilder: fork
Van Meter: fork and wheels
Amy Dombroski :top and down tubes
Molly Cameron-wheels
Jonathon Page-wheels,bars, stem, seatpost
Tristan Schouten-wheels,bars, stem, seatpost
Ryan Trebon-forks
Erik Tonkin-forks
Barry Wicks-forks
Helen Wyman-forks
Dombroski-top tube,downtube
■Kristin Wentworth -wheels,bars, stem, seatpost
■Anna Young-wheels,bars, stem, seatpost
Sue Butler-wheels
Linda Sone - Wheels
Van Guilder: fork
Van Meter: fork and wheels
Kaitie Antonneau: wheels
Joel Moats
Men: Ryan Trebon, Barry Wicks : Using Edge Forks
Jonathan Page: Edge forks and wheels

Women: Kaitie Antonneau: wheels
Kristin Wentworth: using Edge fork
Amy Dombrowski: Uses Edge Composite top and downtube on her Primus Mootry Ti bike.
Men: Ryan Trebon, Fork; Jonathan Page, wheels, etc.; Ian Haupt, wheels;

Women: Amy Dombrowski, tubing; Sarah Huang, wheels; Anna Young, wheels; Kaitlin Antonneau, wheels;
Ryan Trebon - fork
Jonathan Page - wheels, stem, bars, seat post
Barry Wicks - fork

Amy Dombrowski - top and down tubes
Kristin Wentworth - wheels
Anna Young - wheels
Ryan Trebon: Edge Fork
Barry Wicks: Edge Fork
Erik Tonkin: Edge Fork
Katie Compton: Edge Wheels 65's
Amy Dombroski: Edge composites top and down tube

I could only find two women in your live feed. Thanks!


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