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In motorcycle racing... having brand decals on the bike, or patches on your leathers, of companies you are not actually sponsored by is frowned upon. This way the companies aren't getting free advertising, and actually have to sponsor people.  So just cause I like "xxxx brand" tires, I shouldn't put a decal on my bike....then they have no insentive to keep sponsoring John Doe.  Is wearing a jersey in a cross race with "xxxx brand bicycle clothing logo" all over it not a good idea, should I get a plain/minimal logo jersey?

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It's fine, don't worry about it. There used to be a rule (and it was enforced) that you couldn't wear pro team jerseys. I haven't seen that rule enforced in a while although a lot of people still frown upon it. But as far as wearing logos from people you are not sponsored by (say a Twin Six jersey) that's not something you need to worry about.


You might be the most considerate bike racer ever. No one ever thinks to ask something like that.

Haha, great to hear.  I didn't really feel like buying a new jersey.....
I can't see how my Caribou Coffee jersey could offend anybody.


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