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I was wondering if anyone had tried the new Look Quartz pedals yet. They look like they have a similar sized platform, and are both lighter and cheaper than Crank Bros Candys or even some models of Eggbeaters. I've been riding Candy for the past two years; they've been largely fool-proof, but seem rather "rattley" in the cleat/pedal interface. Anyone else in the PNW prefer Look to CrankBros? Or something else entirely, like XT or XTR?

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I have them and love them. The quartz come with a few different sets of shim. If you are patient and take your time setting them up, they are amazing.

You are right, they are lighter and cheaper than the eggbeater sl' they never break. I've trashed them on my 29er on, roots....they are still going strong.

The main reason I started using them is that the bearing system is way nicer and the engagement system is very consistent and makes me feel connected with the pedal.

Mud shedding is fine too, just like eggbeaters. I've ran through mud and could clip back in.

The final thing is that the power transfer feels more stiff, if you take your shoe off and clip into your pedal and look, you can see a lot more contact between the pedal and the shoe...adds confidence for me.

Eggbeaters are good too, I've never complained about them, but for me I like the Quartz.
i've been looking into them too but some reviews say that they're prone to accidental clip-outs. have you experienced this or do you think its just due to not taking the time to perfect the setting?
The first generation were problematic with accidental clip outs. The revised second generation are solid. Look for an addition wrap of the spring around the axle body to distinguish the second gen from the first.

+1 on a very solid feeling pedal, shoe interface. Much stiffer than the Crank Bros.

My main reason for switching was I was going through a couple sets of Crank Bros a year plus frequent rebuilds of the ones that didn't explode.
Thanks Mike, I've been wondering if they made some good changes. I really like the looks of these pedals and hoped that they'd work out. I'm going to get some from my LBS after I get back from Interbike next week.
fyi, we rode the first gen, and have a review of that and second gen in our next print mag. stay tuned.
When is said issue expected to ship out? I'm counting on mucho content to get me in the know for the upcoming season.


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