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Hi all!

I'm looking for a shudder-free CX fork to replace my AlphaQ CX10. The right drop out is loose to the point that when you pedal hard standing up, swaying your handlebar left to right, the fork makes a cracking sound. 

Anyway, I'm looking into getting a new carbon fork with alloy steerers. Any options in mind? My present rake is 47mm and the fork weighs around 520grams.

Is the 2010 Ritchey Comp any good? Or have any of you tried Wound-Up's Team X fork?

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Would you like another CX10 ? I have a brand new never mounted CX10.
have a great day,
Why won't you use it? How much are you selling it for?
I am selling it for 199.00, it is new never unwrapped. I ended up winning it and already have an Alpha Q CX fork.
Do you still have your Alpha Q CX10 fork available?

If so, I am interested.


Hi Bruce.

I am interested in the Alpha Q fork. do you still have it available for sale?


I'm trying to sell this Ritchey WCS one if you are interested. It DOES have a carbon steer though, but I've never had a problem with it. Used for only a single season (new frame comes with a new fork)..

josh AT jtri dot com
I have an Alpha Q CX 20 that I used for a season and a half that I need to sell off to help pay for my new bike. It is painted to match my bike right now, but I could have it professionally painted black for you at no extra cost. It does have a carbon steerer, but it is rock solid. Let me know if this interests you.
I have 2 Edge forks, one used last season the other brand new, uncut and un mounted. $450 for the new one $300 for the used one. I'll put an add up shortly. Best fork you can buy for a custom frame. I weigh 170 lbs, no shutter. Kevin Klug
Try to nab a ritchey, the wound-up forks work nice, but clearance is bad, especially when taking in and out the front wheel. The brake pads get hung up on the inside legs of the fork more often than not, thus making you deflate the tire to remove the wheel all the way :(

I have no dogs in this hunt, But from my experience I would only go with one of three forks for racing. Edge (enve), AQ CX20, Reynolds Ouzo Pro.  The biggest problem is that two of these are out of production. The wound-up road is great but I have not been on the Cross version. If you got big $$$ have a custom made one from Serotta. If your not planning on racing and want a smoooth ride a Ti fork from Black Sheep would fit the bill.


This is the way I see the world of forks.


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