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anyone out there have a Felt Carbon frame/fork/bike they want to sell - F1 - F4 from within the last couple years - 55 cm

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Canti - BTW

I have a 53 f4X available, di2 or mechanical Ultegra.

sorry - need a 55CM - keep me in mind if you see anything



Doesn't help you any, but I just got an F4x with CX1 and love it. 

chris - i have the fx4 canti - but switched out components to Sram - and had another unbranded carbon frame as other bike - wanted to match up rides - all wheels are canti etc - cant find canti anywhere - so took the plunge and got last years model - like those frames - fit me well - thanks for the shout out.

I have a complete bike F1X 55cm for sale if you are still looking.

thanks - but was having trouble finding a canti - so bit the bullet and an heading over to a really good deal on last year model through my shop - thanks

I bought a 2014 F5X I realized that I should have waited for the 2015.  The BB5 brakes will need to be upgraded since the organic pads won't survive in muddy conditions and Avid doesn't make a metallic pad for the BB5.  So, I'm looking at upgrading to either BB7 or the TRP Spyre's.  And I may upgrade the fork to a thru axle; should help to stiffen the front end, as far as braking is concerned.  Less chance of the rotor rubbing the pads.

thanks for the heads up...i got a great deal on the bike - but i figured some of what you say - already ordered new wheels...and taking some higher end Sram stuff over to this one - did not know about the thru axle issue with the fork - but won't that then impact the wheels you can use...would need a different front hub correct??...this is part of my issue - I like to switch out wheels for conditions...have four different sets for canti...the cost of all the infrastructure to support the conditions is the big limiter of why I have not made the switch yet - 

Exact same reason I made the purchase.  Even though the bike doesn't have the latest features, the races I have done on my Felt, have changed my mind about disk brakes and carbon. 

Yes, you would need to get a different front hub...Velocity and American Classic make a convertible hub that works with a QR and will work with a thru axle.  Just have to change the end caps on the hub.

thanks for the heads up - but already ordered a new set of wheels with standard hub...:-)...they gotta stop changing shit so fast - too much $$$ to keep up - unless your Sven or Jeremy....:-)

If you're Sven or Jeremy you don't have to worry about how much through axles cost. We got a rear convertible Velocity hub at the shop the other day. Looks pretty good. 


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