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Looking for help making my bike lighter w/o braking the bank

So I am riding a 2009 Specialized TriCross

Roval Wheels

Ultegra FD & RD

105 Shifters

Sram 300 Crank

Shorty 6 Brakes

Fizik Pave CX Saddle

Sunlite Seatpost

Specialized S-Works stem

FSA Wing PRo SD Bars

Mud2 Tires or a rear Raze for faster conditions

SRAM Chain, not sure which.

Any ideas, I figure I would do an item here and there. I do plan (unless I can end up affording a road bike) racing on it for road next year.

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there's a past issue of the print mag that covers this very topic.  check out the archives for some ideas.

Start hacking!

Cut a few cm off the seat post, just be sure NOT to cut ABOVE the minimum insert line.

Do you ride in the drops?  If no, cut a few cm off the drops, not too much, but enough.

Get rid of water bottle cage bolts / use electrical tape to cover the holes.

Use a single ring set up in the front.

Latex inner-tubes.

KCNC Z6 Steel Road Skewers $40

...And so much more!

Type "Weight Weenie" on the search too.

- J

Serious question, what's the advantage of shaving a few grams here and there off your bike v dropping a few pounds from your body? I could probably loose 20lbs and not miss it (that's nearly a whole bike for some of you guys).

If I had much to loose I would do that... I did IM Canada recently so I dropped lots of extra weight. But my bike feels a bit heavy compare to others....

I get that it's a big part of racing at a competitive level. But a lard arse like me could shave major weight just by skipping the odd snack. Much respect on the IM.

That is right Jon. Many riders should begin there.

If its the difference between winning and not, I'd say 'go for it!' If its the difference between 20th and 21st? Not so much.

First place to start would be your frame. Swap it out for something newer, lighter, and racing oriented vs the Tricross which is more of an all-rounder.

Then ride more intervals so you don't need to worry about weight so much.  Try using Joe Friel's training plans or Chris Carmichael's Time Crunched Cyclist training plans and watch the wins come*


*I wish!


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