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Long time road-rider -- new to sport -- looking to buy complete bike -- not too thrashed.

5'5" tall -- 51 or 52cm top-tube best for me. Northern California based.


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sorry I don't have a bike to sell you but I too am 5'5" 130 lbs long time roadie/triathlete. I just bought a new Lynskey Cooper CX small, 70mm stem and I absolutely love it. No toe overlap. Fits great....I know some would say it doesn't fit if I have a 70's a personal preference. Pavement, single track, jeep trails...such a great ride. My road ride is a Colnago CT-1 for comparison. I demo'd a Redline for an afternoon and there's just no comparison. Good luck!
Why would some people say it doesnt fit? Is 70mm to short a stem? Is the small frame size to big or small? Thanks
I'm about the same size, typically ride a 51cm road bike, and ended up ordering the Ridley X-Fire in a size 41cm! (It has a sloping top tube). It's due to arrive tomorrow. Did a lot of "searching" over the net, and I was hard pressed to find a frameset that was small enough for me.
Oh ... forgot to mention . . if you are curious about the X-Fire, there is a bike shop on eBay selling a completely built-up bike in XS (41cm)." target="_blank"
thanks for the responses -- I've been looking at the Van Dessel Gin & Trombones -- top tube is 52.5 cm -- I've read that typically cross-bikes should be a little tighter (shorter top tubes) as a rider sits a bit more upright than on a traditional road frame. Let me know how the X-Fire works out for you & good luck.
I almost pulled the trigger on the smallest Gin & Trombones, but decided that the top tube and standover height were a bit too much for me. Since then, I learned that standover height isn't as critical as the top tube length. FYI, the standover for the 50cm G&T is a shade over 29".
Are you still looking for a bike? I have a 44cm Redline you might be interested in. Let me know
Also looking for a 44cm cross bike for my 11 year old son.  Thanks


I have an XS Blue Norcross for sale.  It has a 51.5 top tube.  I am 5'4" and it fit me great.  I have it listed in the classified forum with specs.


Good luck,




Thanks for the reply.  I think that it may be a touch big for my son and a little more than I was looking to spend for his first cross bike.


Thanks again


Kenneth - I have a used 50cm Voodoo Limba I am willing to sell for around $150.00.  Scandium Frame, Steel Fork.  I am 5"7" and it is a tad too small for me, but would probably fit someone 5'5".   I am also in Northern California - Central Valley to be exact.  Let me know if you're interested.


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