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I'm new to the LA area and this will be my first full SoCal season racing. I want to organize a Bandit Cross Race/Practice to get ready for the season. Can anyone in the area recommend some parks or areas to do this in? I'm not too sure where to go, being new to the area. If anyone in the area is also interested, let me know, I'll be sure to post the flyer on here once we find a spot and scope it out. Feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment below. Thanks.

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I'm sure there are some established practices in LA. We have a few in Orange County that have been consistent for a few years. Email Dorthy, she is the linchpin of cross in SoCal. and live in LA.(Pasadena)
Yep, Dorthy is the person to talk to. And just fyi there are two series in the LA area. Dorthy's SoCalCross Prestige Series which is jam packed starting 9/26 ( as well as the smaller Urban Cyclocross series ( with its first race 9/19 in Palos Verdes.
Dot's also got some "practice" races on the clinic schedule - the way I understand it those are shorter races combined with a clinic. Also, if you're on the beach side of things, Penmar Park in Venice has a Wednesday morning practice meeting there at 6:30 am I hear. There was a evening practice in Pasadena the last few years, haven't heard about it this year though.


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