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I have a Giant TCX and had planned to put a K-Edge cross double chain catcher on it, but the seat tuble gets wider as it meets the bottom bracket, so the 34.9mm won't fit.  Any idea on a chain checker to make work on a larger than normal seat tube?

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Bike is new this season, and I will stick with the normal crankset.  You are right, a dialed-in front der will prevent this in most cases, but I like a little insurance for peace of mind over 25g.  The weight is inconsequential.  I run a K-Edge on my road bike and have never had a chain issue mess up a race. 
Is your chain as short as you can make it? Do you have a short cage rear der? How's your technique? Setting the bike down too hard and pedaling backwards are the two big chain dropping issues.
It happened during a shift from small ring to big ring and back on a long straight.  Chain is proper length, running short cage rear der.  Again, proper limit screw settings on front der will help in most cases.  If the seat tube was a regular 34.9 I would have the K-Edge catcher on there and would not think twice, but the goofy size makes me look to others that might have similar situations.  I might just have to modify something to make it fit.
What Chris said, shortening your chain is key + shouldn't happen if your der. is adjusted properly.

 I would say run a Paul Chain Keeper on your BB, but I think you have a press fit BB so it won't work :(


If worse comes to worse - switch to a braze-on front derailleur (with an adaptor) and use a k-edge braze-on chain catcher.


Yep, the Paul would be perfect if I had outboard BB, but indeed this is press fit.

The braze-on front der and adapter/K-Edge solution was exactly what I was just researching.  I may fabricate my own attempt for now but if I really want my insurance, that is the way to go I think.

This past weekend I switched to a braze-on FD and it’s was so much easier to align the derailleur cage with the crank set than my old clamp-on version.  The adapter has a slot, instead of a single mounting hole, allowing the seat tube clamp to be set and stay in place while I adjusted the FD's height/pivot with the mounting screw (less rubbing and clamping on my bikes carbon frame).  Also, the adapter clamp doesn't have to move when I switch between different sized chain rings or even a new derailleur and, as a bonus, there is now one more part that I can "borrow" from my wife's road bike :)




You may still want to try a 'em as they are really very knowledgeable and may have a solution for you. I cannot say enough good stuff about them...
Thanks, I think I will do that!
As an update on this thread, I did get a hold of the fine folks at K-Edge, and they informed me it was my lucky day as they have just developed a new version of their product for tapered seat tubes.  They were kind enough to FedEx me for a great deal a can't-get-it-in-stores-yet extra-long cross double chain catcher.  It is awesome, is less than 30g (if you are concerned about 30g in a cross race have one less beer), and is a work of industrial engineering art.  Oh, maybe it is a coincidence but I put it on Friday and was one 2 podiums (including a win) over the weekend!


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