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Anyone have recommendations on a low-cost SSCX frameset? I was looking at the Surly Cross Check & All-City Nature Boy... trying to avoid the Motobecane, but trying to expand my options. Any suggestions are appreciated...

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I vote for the Cross Check. The Nature boy is cool, but if you ever decide to run 1x9/10 or more you are SOL with the All city. The Surly comes in black too, and that imho is easier to look at than the fade on the NB.
Ya... it doesn't seem like there are many other options out there unless your shop is a Raleigh, Felt or Kona dealer... or you want to go high-end. I'd like something a little more original than the Surly or All-City, but having trouble finding other options in the <$1000 bike or <$600 frame.
I raced the specialized tricross ss last season, very reasonable price wise and loved the bike!! I upgraded to the geared version.
The ss is for sale if u are interested, it is a 52 in frame, with a handbuilt rear wheel (dt swiss rr 1.1 with micha hub) !!!!
Hmmm - I can't seem to get my hand on the Nature Boy frameset. Interested in the Specialized SS frameset or complete - shoot me details.
I'm interested in the bike, does it feel more like a 54 or is it a more like a normal 52cm? e-mail me

definitely interested in this answer too. Thinking Redline too.
Bianchi San Jose is also a possibility. Or, if you're looking for something more trail- and less race-oriented, a Vassago Fisticuff (see the review in an upcoming issue of the magazine).
Speaking of these, here's the frame that caught my attention in this category:

$699 for a frameset so it's a little above your price range, but damn if it isn't sexy. I've got no idea what the availability on Traitor frames is...
Email me @ I will send u pix and info on the bike!!!
Here are a few more options:
On One Pompino (I have one that I'd be willing to sell)
Bianchi San Jose

Voodoo Limba or Voodoo Wazoo (older ones had horizontal dropouts... don't get one with sliding dropouts)
IRO Rob Roy
Bianchi Axis

I currently have a Surly Travelers Check, On One Pompino, and a sweet geared CX bike.
interested! email me @
I went with a Origin-8 CX 700. It is 4130 steel, comes with a matching fork, is geared or SS capable (built-in tensioners), and can run discs or cantis. Plus it has 2 bottle and rack mounts. It is ridiculously inexpensive. Lotsa options. People will whine about the weight, but bfd. I machined off all the unnecessary mts and junk and had mine re-powder-coated. I put pics of it up on my page. In a couple of words: It rules. It is bricksh*thouse tough. and handles great. The weight for me is fine at about 22.5 lbs. I could make it a bit lighter and get it below 20 lbs but I am bigger guy and ride like a maniac so I will take the toughness over the weight penalty since I demolish everything.


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