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Anyone have recommendations on a low-cost SSCX frameset? I was looking at the Surly Cross Check & All-City Nature Boy... trying to avoid the Motobecane, but trying to expand my options. Any suggestions are appreciated...

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That's a nice-looking bike. I looked at it as a possibility for next year (this year I'm racing on my SS mountain bike), but the dropouts gave me pause. All that open "lattice" stuff -- up close does it still look strong enough?
I always get nervous when frame designed take metal away in the dropout area.
It is a beast; brick sh#thouse tough! The dropouts are thick like a BMX bike and its 4130 so it's very strong. I cannot imagine any riding that I could do on this bike that would cause it to fail...and that says a lot as I break everything! Plus, they are so inexpensive it's like stealing. I am glad I customized mine though. It was time consuming, but pretty easy. It is not light, but mine came in at 22.7 lbs and while I could spend money to lighten it up I do not really care. It is well suited to me and riding something with a lil' more weight just makes you tougher...strong like bull! Should I become more legitimately competitive or feel like spending frivolously then I will get something more svelte. ;-)
I got to see one of these frames in person last weekend at the handbuilt show, and the drops look a lot better in person than online. I am considering this if I ever want to go to a dedicated 700c-wheeled cx bike in the future (though that would require me to get ride of an existing bike first! Nooooo!).

For now my Monocog fulfills both functions reasonably well. If I can get my J & B rep to do me a favor then I might go for the O-8 for next year...
I *almost* pulled the trigger on that frame a few months ago, but I cou'dn't find any reviews or info on it. Besides,the Mongoose already fills the "monstercross" area of my stable. I was also concerned about the BB drop - it seemed pretty high. I am guessing it's not a problem for you?
So far it handles like a Harrier; rugged and can take a serious beating but pretty nimble even in the really tight twisty stuff. It reminds me of riding a really nice steel hardtail...because it is just with a CX costume.
I'm working on an old 70's road frameset. I gave like $20 for it. Steel, heavy as hell. But I've ridden it as a road bike for several years now so I've got my money's worth out of it should I crash and burn.


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