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I need help choosing what size to get. I am 5'6". I an not sure if I should get the XS or small. I dont have a road bike to compare it to. Please help

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XS has a 52.5 effective top tube. The S would be WAAAAY to long across the top tube @ 54cm effective. Go with the XS.
Won't I be to cramped? With the slack headtube angile won't it make the tt to short? Thanks
Likely no. It will allow you to ride a 'normal' sized stem, as opposed to running a 80mm, or the like. Stems and bars affect fit, as does the post you ride.
I'm 6'1" and ride a Salsa with a 55cm top tube and 120mm stem, with a Thomson setback post. It fits me perfectly.

One of my former clients is 5'6" and riding a 49cm frame with a 52cm top tube and a 100 stem. It's a good fit.
Do you have a local shop that can do a fit so that you get some numbers? Without knowing your arm length and the ratio of your torso to your legs, it would be hard to make a recommendation.


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