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I saw there were some Races at the Nats with 5-7 riders .
Can someone explain this to me?

Are there stringent limits on those eligible?
Are there not many qualified people?

Christ, I'll enter, be pack fodder and get lapped just to say I raced in the nationals...


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are you looking at the older categories? There just probably aren't that many 70 year old men willing to go to Madison in Jan to race cross. I also think numbers will be down because it's in Madison and there are worlds coming up in Louisville anyway. Just my 2cents.

Ain't 70 yet. But 60 is within reach. But world or national class FTP , not within reach :)

Just dreaming ...

As Beth said, location partially responsible - many feared brutal cold. Worlds partially responsible as others can't/won't travel internationally to attend them but prime opportunity this year with first Worlds in USA. And finally, you are correct. Many non-elite riders enter. If you look at the geography of the registrants, it's mostly mid-West this year and follows the same patterns when Nats are east/west coast. It's just difficult to fly a bike or two, take a week off of work, etc. etc. for a 45 minute race for many. It's an amateur sport and the time/expense are too much for every regional strong guy to attend. Masters Worlds fields this year are 99%  USA with a few Canadians so the Euro guys apparently have the same issues.

I entered Nats 45 - 49 a few years ago as a cat IV just for the experience and to accompany a teammate. Perseverance in bad weather/tough course where many DNF'd and I finished just behind the arithmetical middle of the pack. However, I was definitely a poseur in that setting - the winner (Tilford) put two laps on me (out of 6). As the sport has grown, the fields are more full of talent and I wouldn't feel right entering Nats at this point even though I'm a better rider. Next time they're here in the East, I'll enter the 'B' non-championship field. Also, as I hit 60 and up (not far away for me), I would have no qualms entering those smaller fields. However, given the growing popularity of the sport, I suspect that even the grandpa and great-grandpa fields will be more full as we late-Boomers continue racing. If one is finishing in the top 1/3 of a large regional series (MAC, MABRA, etc) in your age, reasonable to enter Nats/Worlds in the large fields IMHO. Otherwise, someone's just another course obstacle for the contenders at the start and in the late laps. Just my $0.02 from the back of the pack.

a stellar reply, thank you.

i wasn't aware they had non-champ races, it would be fun and a challenge to ride the course. that would better suited. being in the way when lapped is not my goal.


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