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The stock (junk) Alex wheels on my Nova Pro died a quick death. (I think those bike companies put cheap lite stuff on their bikes expecting people not to ride them!)

I'll be buying some new wheels soon...are the Krysium Elites the way to go? Don't mind spending a a little extra on something else. I am partial to Mavic hubs.

** I bought a set of Vuelta wheels as road/touring wheels but haven't had them long enough to buy a set for off road.

Thanks a lot!

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I stand by mavic's ksyriums. I am extremely hard on equipment and have used a set for cross two full seasons now with no complaints. Ran them with a stan's tubeless set up last season and really enjoyed them. If you are looking for a comparable product look into the bontrager race xlights. They are also available in a tubular or clincher wheelset. I ran them with challenge grifo's last season also and they ran extremely well!
Challenge Grifos.......a coincidence - I ordered a Grifo on Friday. I liked the specs on them, especially the part that hints at being a bit more tougher/flat resistant.

Lots of thorns and cactus stuff going on down here I like the gray Vittoria tire but am looking for something a bit more aggressive to run on back.
Ah. the grifo's wont prevent anything a thorn can do to a tubular.... unless you get some super sweet super bullet proof tires which I doubt will happen. I would avoid Vittoria, and tufo if you have the choice. If you are looking for a slightly more aggressive treat and like the grifo casing go with the fango. It was made as a mud tire but still isnt a true mud tire, more like an aggressive all arounder. Tufo's tend to be a little stiff in the sidewall for my liking and just don't fold the way a challenge or dugast does. just my take.
Campagnolo. :D Seriously, I love my Khamisin's and they seem to be bullet proof and comfy at the same time. But I'm a noob and I don't know how the lighter wheelsets hold up to CX racing. They can come with shimano feehubs.

How do you like those Vueltas so far? I stole my Khamsin wheelset off of my road bike to complete the Bianchi, and I'm looking for cost effective wheelset to get me through until I can afford a Eurus 2-way wheelset for the road bike.
So far so good on the Vueltas. I haven't put many miles on them so its a little early to tell for sure-no off road miles yet. The hubs are ultra smooth.
Cool, thanks. Oh, as a side note Pozzato got 2nd at Paris-Roubaix on Campy Hyperon Ultra carbon tubular wheels. Those are their uber light low profile climbing wheels. Tough enough I guess.


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