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Curious if anyone has run Ksyrium elites as tubeless, going to use Hutchinson Bulldogs as tires.

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I ran Ksyrium Elites with Hutchinson tubeless Bullfrogs all last season and didn't have a single issue, no flat or burps.  I think it is a great alternative to clinchers and a lot cheaper setup to tubulars.
Did you use a rim strip?

Yes, used a rim strip and Stan's sealant.


I have run this exact set up for 2 years, no issues at all. Performs extremely well in mud or on rocky/rooty singletrack.

My rims are "UST" style and that means no need for rim strip. The rim strip is mainly there to cover the spoke holes.


Thanks for the info, I got the Ksyrium elites with stans cyclocross conversion kit and so far so good, two training rides no air loss and easy install.  I had the stans ztr 340 comps and couldn't keep spoke tension on non drive side so getting the warranty.  The Mavics don't seem as fast but ride quality is insanely better, way more confidence on these.


Good luck with the rest of your seasons.




I use that setup and have success with it.  Just be careful not to run the pressure too low or else suffer from burping the tire.  What's too low?  Trial and error will give you that information.  I usually start with a little more pressure than I think will work, pre-ride the course, then adjust from there.  Oh, don't be tempted to let 'just a little more' air out of the tires at the starting line. That's when I've gone too far and then burped a tire later.  Argh :)


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