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For anyone using the Maxxis Raze tire, they look very fast but how well do they hold when railing turns, either in the front or rear, in muddy or loose conditions?

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Thanks Oliver. I'm in CO and we have a lot of loose dirt/gravel until things wet down later in the year. I was a little worried about how they may corner in that type of condition. Was thinking mostly for a rear tire.
good in everything, not great at anything. ok in faster and dryer courses, not enough in mud for any real traction. especially when treads wear down these tires bite in all conditions.
Bite in a good way or bite, as in they are crap?
I am using one in the front when I am on clinchers and it is growing on me (Mud rear). It seems to roll fast , but initially I did not like the cornering performance as I felt like it was slipping out too much. The more I have used it though, the more I would say it is predictable and all the times it has slipped out, I have never gone down. It just feels like it is starting to break loose and wash out, but then it grabs. Hard to explain, but after the first race, I was set on replacing it. A couple more rides later and I still have not done so even though I have a couple of options in the garage unmounted.
Stay away from the Maxxis Raze, they won't work in Colorado, California or the Czech Republic. A good clincher for Colorado conditions is the Michelin Mud. You can attack the loose corners with more confidence although the casing is not as supple as a Challenge Grifo. The weakness of the Grifo is it's ability to corner in loose dry or mud conditions.
Was just thinking the same. I have had a Mud2 on the front at times and has cornered pretty well, was thinking about the Raze for the rear and Mud2 for the front as an ideal, fast set up. Then asked myself, whynot just run Mud2 front and rear.
Mark, were you refering to the Challenge Grifo Clincher in your reply as not cornering overly well in loose dry and mud? Interesting, I thought that tire/tread pattern did it all.

Btw Mark, wishing you and Katie all the success In EU this year. We are keeping a close watch and love the race reports! Get er Done and land the big sponsors!!
Where are the race reports?
They had them on last year but not sure if there is as strong affiliation this year.


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