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I am working on a new rig and was wondering if there is any problem mixing for example... a 10 speed 105 STI shift lever with an XT style mountain bike 10 speed rear derailleur?  The reason is I am considering running a 11-32 cog-set in the back and that would most likely need a longer cage. 

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I say, if you already have the parts, give it a try. If it doesn't work, all it will cost you is some time.

It should work. I had my wife's bike on a 105 shifter with an XT rd and an 11-32 cassette before.

Won't work.  The pull ratio on the Shimano 10 speed mountain stuff is compatible with nothing :)  If you put a 9 speed mountain derailleur on a 10 speed road shift you are golden - they have the exact same pull ratio.  Similarly, the 11 speed stuff matches up with nothing.

Buyer beware - I have read lots of Franken-bike stories where people, by modifying the location of the anchor bolt/cable setup have made some of this work but it that is a buyer beware thing.  Officially, the 9 speed mountain stuff works with the 10 speed road shifters.

In your case - it will be awesome.  I set up a buddy with 105 shifters (5700) with an XT (770 if I remember correctly) and it is flawless and he can run up to a 36 rear cog.

Cool, thanks for the info, that was exactly what I was looking for :). I have plenty of 9 speed rd. mountain parts.

Just to clarify - 9 won't work with 9, 10 won't work with 10.  You need 10 speed shifters and 9 speed rear deraileur.  SLX is actually a really good compromise.  The big bummer is that you cannot use the Shadow+ stuff so you don't get the clutch benefits.  Otherwise, smooth as silk

I looking at the new Race Face Narrow/ wide chain-rings for CX and running a 1x10 set up so hopefully not having the clutch won't matter that much, but it would be nice.  

I have one ... they are great and the cool colors are awesome.  Work spectacularly.  But ... without a clutch they are not foolproof.  I ran a 1x9 on my mountain bike (no clutch obviously) and only had one chain pop off so it works really well.  I would go for it ... unless extreme peanut butter mud or realllllllyyyyy chattery I don't think you will have a problem.

Cool, thanks for the review, I have not seen very many reports on how those narrow/wide rings work.

Actually, the 9sp mtn. rear derailleurs do work with both 9 and 10sp road shifters.  Other than that, this is correct info. 

Thanks Adam, I just reread my post and that is dead on ...

I am in the same process. Putting 11-36 SRAM cassette on my single-speed as a gravel ride option. I got a Shimano Zee RD - really compact and sturdy but is dyna-sys (10spd MTB ratio). Since I don't have STI levers (I have Hylex hydraulic levers only) I am just putting a Zee front shifter on there (somehow?!) for the time being until I figure out a better way to get the dyna-sys ratios. Got to figure out how to fit it to my 1-1/4" bar though (have flattened FSA wing bar).

On the front end I have a regular FSA 42T 130bcd ring and using an 8spd chain. Hoping with the clutch and compact RD I won't need to change this to a wide-narrow but obviously be switching to a 10spd chain. I won't be racing cross with the gears so it should get a smoother ride. Being able to remove and convert back to SS for cross season is key though.

Would be cool if JTek Shiftmate had a road->dyna-sys option. Or could do this to a bar-end/DT shifter:


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