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Has anyone tried these for 'cross? Even better, has anyone tried them with Campagnolo and Shimano? The written reports I've seen indicate that, for some, they're a little finicky to set up and they are a little clunky, but relatively light weight and reliable. I'm using Ultegra 9 brifters right now and am, by and large, pretty happy with them; however, I like experimenting with new parts and Modolo seems like a pretty good company.

Just so we're all clear...

I know that components from specific gruppos work better with other components of the same gruppo.


Since there are dangers involved with racing cyclo-cross (crashes, sand, mud, excessive water, etc.), I know that using more commonly-available and easy-to-repair or replace components is often the better way to go.

Thoughts? Experiences? Here's a link to the Modolo 'site:


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i haven't tried them myself but heard mixed stuff on them. wondering what's your main interest? weight and price? or swapping rear derailleurs and wheels quite often? you can always run a campy 10 shifter with shimano derailleurs and cassettes, with a different cable clamp angle. Campy shifters can be had often cheaper than shimano, and from my experience, can be more durable and their cables are hidden (like new DA). you've prob seen it, but issue 1 has an article about campy ergo shifters with shimano derailleurs in our issue 1.

sampson/microshift is also a cheaper option, esp if you spend more time in the hoods than drops. Although that's 10s, unless you wanted to get a jtek # 2 pulley to convert them or also clamp your cable differently. or you can use a different cable routing, as shown here under "alternate cable routing."

good luck. post back when you end up with.
wow, the microshift levers crazy discounted ($120) through nashbar and amazon. that's tough for eric sampson, esp. if he did all the R&D! maybe they're not selling very well or nashbar is hurting.
Dan -

I've seen them discounted on Nashbar and Performance for years. I guess that could be translated as poor quality, but I don't know. I've wondered about the ergonomics of them. It seems it'd be awkward to shift with the thumbs from the drops, and it looks like the shift levers would get in the way of normal riding on the hoods.

On the other hand, it looks like you'd have a pretty easy time disassembling the left shifter to run a single chainring.

Good luck this weekend, Dan - we're in Atlanta and I'm racing Sunday in the Georgia finale. I'm totally pumped.

I sent the same type of inquiry out to my team. A few guys had tried them, for shimano, and recalled that it was a huge mess trying to set them up properly, headache after headache. The said the ergonomics weren't bad on the hoods, especially if you don't drop your thumb right where the shifter body sits.

I'll admit they are still intriguing...we'll see. Ultimately I'll probably go with used Veloce shifters 9spd shifters and a jtek pulley instead, it'll be rebuildable, good ergonomics, and I'm hoping ultimately less of a hassle.


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