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I just read the article about monstercross in the latest issue and was wondering...

How well would a monstercross bike handle leadville 100 or the 24 hours of leadville?

My bro-in-law wants me to get a MTB, but I was thinking a monstercross bike since I have the So Cal CX series in my area and I would love to do one of those races in leadville.

Since I don't have a CX/monstercross bike and never did a leadville race, I was hoping for ppl here to their experiences.  

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Well, I've never done Leadville (either one), so take my opinion with a big grain of salt, but as I understand the 100, at least, it's a relatively non-technical mostly dirt-road type race. So yeah, sounds like a monster cross bike might be a great choice. I am pretty sure JHK or one of the other Trek guys started edging toward a monstercross setup last year: something like a dual-suspension Fuel with drop bars.

If you're new to dirt, though, you should realize that the learning curve is gonna be steeper with a monstercross bike than with a traditional mountain bike. Especially if you're getting a dirt-capable bike to ride with your bro-in-law and his buddies on their mountain bike rides.


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