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I know here in oregon the SS race is with the B's(sometimes not always), but a lot of A's do race the SS as well. Is it unreal to think I could be competitive in the SS cat in my second year? I've got three top tens in 7 races in the newbie class against mostly geared racers?

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The best way to be competitive with the SS racers is to race against them. If you are still racing Beginner, you could do SS as well, since you have like 5 hours between each race. You really shouldn't be racing beginner in your second year, though. If you can finish mid-pack in the SS category in a Crusade race, you're doing pretty decent. It's a great place to start building from, setting goals, working on technique, and picking people off slowly. Do it!

I didn't word that properly this is my first year, I'm just in love with this sport and looking forward to next season and not being a beginner. Thanks for the info and the response. I think i'll try a couple ss races just for the hell it.


Beginners are beginners, Cat C is another world, and Cat B is yet another world.  Singlespeed right now in Oregon is going at probably A/B level.  "Unreal" - possibly, probably if you are truely a beginner, but the more the merrier.  Give it a try and answer your own question!  Racing the extra 5 minutes can only make you stronger!  Good luck. 
Thanks I'm doin' it before the end season

I totally don't understand racing Single Speed racing in the dirt. I used to do this with my BMX bike and hated it. I ended up advancing to a geared mountain bike to help ride in these difficult terrain.

If you're going to do that you should consider riding your bike backwards at the same time. Sorry to anyone who I may have offended. By the way, I'm sure I'd get my ass kicked by them as well in a race. All though during a mountain bike race I did pass a SS guy who as I passed had is chain explode from the torque he was putting into it. Again, I had to question the idea of riding a SS bike like this. 

Maybe it's a Trackie kind of thing......for the velodrome riders out there looking to get dirty in the off season. 

^u might never understand it

LOL! You're right Patrick. I give the SS guys and gals credit! Riding CX is hard enough without having a bunch of gears to help.


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