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I have some FMB SSCs on order. At some point I had read for some tire that the rear should be mounted "backward" (chevrons pointing backward on the top). Any thoughts on this?

MY other tires are Michelin Mud2 and Jets. I am hoping the FMBs will be what I typically run and the Michelins in more extreme conditions either dry or wet.

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I have the same FMB `s thanks to Molly Cameron and have mine mounted up per her set up suggestion with the point heading forward and find this works quite well in all conditions, although when it gets really muddy I pull out the Rhynos!
Back in the MTB days I used to run my tires like that. Don't know that it ever made a noticeable difference. The Grifos that I have on now are mounted as per the directions.
No real help, but I always do what the manufacturer recommends. They seem to know better than me what works best. The Mud 2's now actually tell you to mount the rear tire in the opposite direction. I assume FMB would make a similar recommendation if they thought it was the right idea.
I'm just regurgitating what I read a few years back, but as I recall, chevrons are designed primarily with cornering in mind so as the angle of the tire changes, the chevrons are orientated to provide the greatest traction. Reversing them defeats the purpose. It may provide added bite in a straight line, but I'd rather having greater corning traction.


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