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I am in my 2nd year as a cat 4 and am having a great time racing.  Now that it is getting colder I am looking for tips on keeping my junk warm.  I wear baselayer on my torso, but whatever is a fella' to do about the lower parts?  Embrocation is great on my legs and I will not be putting that on my junk!  If I wear tights I get too warm.  Help me out here, don't worry, I won't be challenging any sandbaggers in the near or distant future......

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Thermal bibs from Pearl Izumi.


Wind proof briefs.  I use them on cold rd rides. 

The center panel is wind proof and warm.  

Keeps the unit safe.  After having frostbite down there once,

I was willing to try anything ;)

I use thermal tights from Sugoi, but most brands have a thermal knicker you could wear.

I've also stuffed a plastic bag down the front before just to keep the wind chill back.

I tried wearing a wind proof brief and the results were saddle sores!  I think it will be thermal tights and drop them at the call up for the race.  I think I may put wind proof briefs over the shorts to keep the wind out, may  look funny but will be keep the junk from freezing.


Wool sock?!?!
yea, wool sock, Red Hot Chili Peppers style!

So far this year the weather at the New England races has been warmer than usual.  So I have not had a problem.  We will see next year what happens.  I am looking at the Craft brand windstopper briefs, any one try those?  I have thermal long bibs for cold riding days, and that I have worn to the low 20's (f) and was good.

The Craft Gunde shorts which are boxer briefs with the windstopper material are very good.  Pretty comfortable under your shorts and keeps everything there a bit warmer.  The other option is a thermal skinsuit.  I have one from Voler that is very good.  Have used that alone in temps as low as the mid-30s.  I would be careful about putting any kind of embro on your privates.

Embrocation? Low heat....LOW HEAT!

plastic sandwich bag, works down to some pretty cold temps. the ones without the ziplock closures are the best, or just cut that part off.

Low heat Embrocation, hmmmmmmmm  ma have to do a test run with a shower near by in case it does not go too well.

It seems to me I've seen a pair of bike tights with a wind panel, Craft, PI??? I used to have a kit for nordic skiing that included a wind vest and tights with a wind-proof panel stitched on the front. A lot of Nordic equipment has wind panel integration because, as you can imagine this is a major issue with ski racing. I recall forgetting my wind brief when I went to a 15km freestyle/skate race in Leroy, MI back in the 80s. My package was so cold I thought I was in danger of frostbite. It took me probably an hour before I could even whiz. Not good, that is one area of the body you don't want damaged by frostbite.

Although I think the company is now defunct, "The Hand" was essentially a fleece jock with a wind panel sewn on the front. That would be less likely to cause chafing, especially if the inside was prepped with a good embroc like DZ-Nutz or my other personal fave, Boudreaux's Butt-Paste.

My 2c,



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