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I am in my 2nd year as a cat 4 and am having a great time racing.  Now that it is getting colder I am looking for tips on keeping my junk warm.  I wear baselayer on my torso, but whatever is a fella' to do about the lower parts?  Embrocation is great on my legs and I will not be putting that on my junk!  If I wear tights I get too warm.  Help me out here, don't worry, I won't be challenging any sandbaggers in the near or distant future......

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Boudreaux's rules!


have you tried this thing?  what about the boys?

I do in fact own one . . . not much more effective than a thin weight low cut smartwool sock. Little less bulky than the sock, easier to fit inside the shorts and no interference with the pedal stroke. I had that problem with a sock, but maybe it takes some positioning tweaks to get right. 

Interesting note on the Thermajock: it seems designed to only fit the penis, not the testicles. A sock allows more flexibility in that regard. But really the testicles are more or less shielded and closer to the legs to receive that residual warmth.


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